“Pleased to have Ryan Mobilia speak to our U16/u18 junior players and some coaches, parents and staff tonight about awareness regarding their social media presence and building a positive profile. 

“He has teenagers eating out of his hand every time I am lucky enough to observe. No doubt educated another 90-100 tonight in a positive manner.”

Greg Jeffers, CEO, Eltham Wildcats Basketball

Ryan has taught me ways I can use social media in everyday life to build my career even before it is started, by trying to stand out online in a positive way. I have received opportunities I never thought I could of had.

“Ryan is not just a great social media guy, he is a role model and someone who wants to develop skills and motivates people to make the most of their lives and gifts. #ThinkBeforeYouPost and I’ll add from what I learnt from Ryan “Don’t be scared to share your experiences and show people who you are online.

Jack Cirillo, Student, SEDA College, and now Australia Catholic University

“As our Year 10 students prepared applications for work-experience and part-time employment opportunities, we thought it was important that they started thinking about how those employers viewed and interpreted their online presence. Ryan’s presentation gave an excellent introduction to the importance of thinking about and starting to build a positive online identity and reputation.”

Candice Rulach, House Head, Walling, Billanook College

“Ryan delivered an incredible session full of learning to our ‘Sports Development and Management’ stream as part of our ‘Young Leaders Program’. The workshop theme ‘Social media identity and reputation’ was perfect for our diverse group of aspiring leaders. It was fantastic to have him on board, our students loved it!”

Lisa MacLeadership Programs Officer. Trinity College – The University of Melbourne

“Ryan is incredibly knowledgeable and detailed in his publication and personal appearances. I would highly recommend giving all people who are, or want to be involved in professional sports the information Ryan provides to best utilize social media. It will not only help people avoid pitfalls, but how to use it for maximum gains for people.”

– Damon NeishProfessional Scottish Youth Academy Coach / Scottish Woman’s Premier League Manager 

“Great work mate – well presented and extremely well received by all of our elite athletes!”

Grant Wallace, Manager, Basketball Operations, Basketball Victoria

“Ryan delivered an very engaging session to our Player Support Program athletes, and many of their parents, on the important role their actions on social media have in building their reputation. It’s a valuable lesson for all athletes. It was great that he was able to show real-world examples of tennis players using social media in both positive and negative ways, and the repercussions.”

Emily Rea, National Academy Development Coach at Tennis Australia

“Ryan has offered valuable guidance and education to the Big V on social media issues and opportunities during my time at the league.

“The lessons he teaches, now captured in his new book, around building a strong online reputation, thinking before you post, and using social media in a positive way, are important lessons not only for athletes, but all involved in the league.”

Julie Anderson, CEO of the Big V Basketball League

“Ryan presented a wonderful presentation at our ‘Strategic Content Creation – Ark Group Event’ in Melbourne, called ‘Say it with a Selfie’. It was fun and engaging, and definitely captivated our diverse audience of professionals.

“More than one attendee used the question time to put their hand up and simply thank Ryan for such an “awesome” presentation, then proceed to explain how they could definitely see his ideas benefitting their organisation, which was fantastic.”

Catherine Shelley, Event Producer, Ark Group Australia Pty Ltd

“I have worked with Ryan a number of times, and the messages he has to deliver are vital for the mental health, happiness and success of our youth. Too often I have seen social media misused and kids get into serious problems they are not ready to handle.”

Ricky Frost, Social and Emotional Curriculum Leader, Laurimar Primary School

“Ryan teaches athletes the importance of providing something of value to their audience on social media. He’s helped me come up with some great ideas to showcase my business online, and to think about opportunities to leverage the different events and races I find myself involved with.

I’ve seen runners do some amazing things on social media be build their profile. Ryan is someone who can help you do just that, helping athletes present themselves, their sport and their story in an engaging way online!”

Steve Rosel, Recreational runner and technical running footwear specialist.

“Ryan has provided great value to our Digital Marketing Certificate course as guest speaker on the topic of social media to our broad range of corporate professionals in both 2014 and 2015. The brilliant feedback from both the students and the facilitator on his first session, made it an easy choice to get him back again, where once again he delivered.

Catherine Farrar, Client Liaison Executive, ADMA (Association for data-driven marketing and advertising)

“I know the girls really enjoyed it [the social media session] because they were talking about it the following day. They particularly liked the activities – the beach ball activity really bought it into perspective.”

– Nina Ireland, Year 7 Co-ordinator, Mercy Girls College, Coburg Victoria. 

“Ryan delivered an engaging and valuable session on the importance of using social media in a positive way, to build a strong online identity. He was able to grab the attention of all students through the use of current examples of positive and negative social media posts.

“Ryan was able to effectively tailor the session to meet the needs of SEDA Students which included work shopping ways in which our students could use social media tools, such as Instagram, to create online ‘portfolios’ of the positive work that they do as a part of their course and in the community. These portfolios will assist them to gain entry into further education as well as serve as an excellent addition to their resumes in the future. It was clear that students took the lessons on-board as a group of them independently created the @seriousbasketball Instagram account. By using many of Ryan’s strategies, they were able to generate over 16,000 followers in under a year.

“I highly recommend Ryan’s social media education sessions to any school, club or athlete as they provide young people with the tools to create a positive online presence while avoiding some commonly made mistakes that can mean the difference between a job or sponsorship dollars in the future.”

Richard DoreianProgram Facilitator, Sports Education and Development Australia (SEDA) and RichFit Training and Consulting Director

“Excellent presentation. At first everyone thought they knew everything about social media. They were all quite shocked to find out exactly who and how people can track them and how this can leave a lasting impression, both good and bad. I would highly recommend Ryan to run seminars and information sessions.”

Dee MiltonSponsorship and Event Sales, Knox Basketball Club Inc

“Ryan exposed me to a whole other field and opportunity within the sports industry – Media and Comms. It was great that we shared similar interests. His advice came at a great time as I was close to leaving university. His blogs & tips inspired me to write my first blog, and I plan to keep writing in the future. It was awesome to see a success story from someone who was once a student wanting to enter the industry.”

– Jason McCurry (Student)

“The discussion we had made me consider my online persona and think about the ways people construct their online identity, especially in terms of their career. I had only really ever used social media for personal use, and while we are told ‘Employers will check your Facebook page before anything else these days’, I hadn’t considered just how much my social media use can affect getting a job or progressing my career.

“Not just the possible negative implications but also the many positive ways it can be used to assist potential employers to get an idea of what you have achieved so far and what you could bring to their organisation. I have considered your points and since taken steps to improve my online persona.”

– Ashleigh Grazioli (Student)

“I found Ryan to be very understanding that others don’t have the same knowledge social media as you. His suggestions and all discussions in fact we’re in very simplified terms and language that anyone can understand.”

– Caitlin Pole (Communications professional)

“I would say Ryan definitely taught me the importance of building & preserving yourself a positive online reputation. Being cautious about what you post as potential employers take all of this into account.”

– Rukaiyah Abdullah (Student)

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