Character is what Australian student-athletes are renowned for. A big part of that is how they represent their current team, school, friends and family during the recruitment process.

The worst possible outcome for an aspiring athlete is to have their dreams dashed due to something completely avoidable, and unrelated to their prowess on the court, field or track – their social media behaviour and online reputation.

It’s no longer simply a ‘nice to have’, it’s a ‘must have’. Recruiters and coaches are making assumptions on overall value and character of athletes purely based on what they find on their social media profiles. Too many athletes (Australians included) have had offer pulled based on inappropriate content found online.

The message is not all negative, there are also great opportunities to build your reputation, showcase your qualities and become more attractive to potential schools and coaches, based on your ability to showcase a strong online reputation. Learning some of these tips could give you the slight edge over another athlete who hasn’t take the time to consider the importance of that online ‘first impression’.

Not only my favourite presentation, but one of my most important.

Learning the importance of the impact of their online reputation, their online actions and behaviours in time, can be the difference between gaining, and losing, college scholarship offers and opportunities.

Fair or not, young athletes are being judged by potential schools on their online behaviour, so let’s get the message out there with this session!

Social Media awareness for aspiring college athletes includes key themes such as the importance of;

  • Understanding who is in your audience online
  • Thinking before you post online
  • Building a strong online identity and reputation
  • Optimising your profiles and posts to communicating your values and character

Contact me for more information about booking in a session. It is fun, interactive, educational and perfect for complimenting team-building, professional and personal development sessions, camps, tournaments or pre-season preparations!

I have delivered this presentation across a wide variety of sports and audiences. Check out some of the feedback from clients here.