Section 5

What’s you game plan on social media? Why are you on Facebook? Why are you on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat? All of the different platforms that you’re on, why are you there? It’s really important to know why. You may well just want to build a community and showcase your story so that you get some great commercial or sponsorship opportunities, to make sure that you have an opportunity to connect with the fans that follow you, the people that have supported you along your journey, but it’s important to write down why.

One of the key words in social media is social. There’s only two words in the title. Social Media. Are you being social on social media? Now, I know for some athletes there’s no way you could ever respond to all of the questions you get, all the replies to your posts, all of the different pieces of content that mention you, but are you taking time occasionally to interact, throw a like down, do a retweet or a favourite once in a while for other people’s content that mentions you? It can do so much to build up their positive sentiment towards you just by taking the time to interact with other people’s content that is showing you so love. Don’t be afraid to get out there, like, comment, post an emoji. Little things like that can lift people up and give you a fan for life.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the different social media channels that you’ve started, that you still want to continue with, and how can you create content for them all? How can you consistently keep updating them all? A lot of people struggle with this. There’s some great ways to leverage your content across multiple channels. Think about taking a video on your phone. That small act of a 30 second update of where you’re at with your training, behind the scenes of the way to the game, on the way to the venue, an inspirational message from your coach or a teammate or friend or family or supporter, that piece of content on your phone, 30 second video, can be used so many different ways.

It can certainly be uploaded directly to your Facebook page. It can certainly be uploaded directly to your Instagram page. It can certainly be uploaded directly to your Twitter page. To a tweet. 10 seconds of that could easily be added to your Instagram story. The entire 30 seconds could be added to your YouTube channel. That once piece of content can be chopped and changed slightly to be used four or five or six different places and times. That’s how you need to start thinking about getting the most of the different updates you do. Even creating a Snap, sending a Snap out there, can be saved. That can become an Instagram photo. That can be become a Twitter photo. A Facebook photo. That could even be used on LinkedIn. There’s always a way to adjust and adapt the content you’re creating to re-share it and maximise your time online.