Hi there, my name’s Ryan Mobilia and I’m the author of Social Media Scouting Report, helping athletes to shine online. This short course is all about helping you build your profile online, optimise your accounts and tell great stories by creating some really valuable content and posts on social media to help you shine online.

The course takes you from building awareness of the impact of your online audience and who’s around you online and watching and judging what you’re doing to building skills to take action, to create and share some great stories, some great posts and have some great conversations with your community. To finally, getting that advantage, optimising and showcasing by following the leaders who are doing it great already, that you can be at their level.

On completion of this course, you’ll have the ability to craft engaging, authentic pieces of content and build your profile online. You’ll be able to showcase what’s great about you and build an audience that cares about what you’ve got going on and wants to follow along and see your journey. Not only will you be creating great content and having a lot of fun being social on social media, but you’ll be building your online reputation, building your identity, showcasing your values and giving yourself that edge over the competition, helping you stand out to the people that can offer you great opportunities.

Social Media Scouting Report

When I was about 16, I travelled with my high school basketball team over to North America and we played a bunch of tournaments against other high schools and local schools in the areas that we moved through. Because we were always busing in one day, busing out the next day, moving to new towns, people didn’t really know us, they didn’t really get a chance to see what we were like out there on the court. That’s the first time I got introduced to scouting reports. Scouting reports where someone watched one of my games, or they watched our games, and made a list of my strengths and weaknesses.

They summed me up on a very small piece of paper, back in those days it was done on paper. Now I’m sure it’s done digital phones and all that sort of stuff, but they took the time to write what they could about me. In that small window they had to get to know me. All it said was, I saw a letter, my scouting report, all it said was, “Can hit the three, given T and S.” Not even time and space, which it stood for, they abbreviated that much. All the worth, all the value I thought I could bring to the court, to the game, summed up in that small little sentence.

The reason they found that out about me, because I came on the court and of course I hit a three pointer with some time and some space. That’s all they had to go by and that’s all they could sum me up and share with everyone else, that that was what I was known for. Same thing is happening with your social media. People only have a limited time to get to know you, they’ll sum you up based on what they can find. If all you show them is that you can hit a three point shot if someone gives you some time and space, then that’s what they’ll take for you to be known as.

That’s what they think you’re all about because that’s all they can go on. If someone comes to your social media profile and all they see is negative content, then that’s what they’re going to presume you’re that all about because that’s all that you’re showing them. Start thinking about your social media and your online presence like that scouting report that you might do on an opposition, that other people might do on you in your sport, because it becomes really important when you start thinking about it that way.