What’s a Mancave got to do with it?

Sure, the advice given on this site, doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with mancaves. But most of the content on this site was written in a mancave, my mancave. In fact I’m sitting in it right now, on the first day of winter, listening to the rain pound down on the corrugated iron roof.

The point I  wanted to make clear in this post is, you can still learn from this site without having anything to do with mancaves, the lessons are for all.

However the mancave is a symbol to me, of much more significance than the physical structure.

As I’ve mentioned, my first mancave was my childhood bedroom. It really was the ultimate for a sports-loving kid like me. It was something I took great pride in showcasing, treating it like my own apartment; hosting friends, displays, meticulously designing. A true creative outlet. (see a version below).

Childhood Mancave

My home now has a similar sanctuary. A converted car-port, that has become my ‘mancave’. Not the type of a manly cave with cars, motorbikes, Jim Beam signs, tools and other traditional ‘manly’ things, but rather a place filled with nostalgia, inspiration, memories, a place for creative outlet and planning my future. Side by side, there are actually more than a few similarities between my bedroom above. But that is perfect because…


I want to be happy. I don’t want to forget what makes me happy. I want to enjoy my passions, and find creative and interesting ways to incorporate my favourite things in life, into my life, every day. Who wouldn’t?

If that sounds like something you are interested in, follow this blog and the thoughts and lessons I’m imparting because they helped me to live this authentic life, not afraid to show-off my passions, and continue to help me everyday towards my ultimate goal of creatively helping others achieve their goals by being true to themselves.



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