If I was looking to get ahead of the job market, I’d do this right now


If I was searching for a way to get ahead, before I needed to get ahead (ie still studying). Here’s what I’d do.

I’d start with my dream employer or industry, and search for jobs I may like to do for them.

Ideally I’d search for an open position that relates to my current passion. (this is not as important exactly).

I’d register for job alerts, emails and newsletters. I’d find the hashtags to follow, and people and groups to connect with, that are talking about and posting the job openings and links to the vacant positions I one day will be applying for.

Why? The position descriptions.

Why? Because it is a direct insight into the skills you will need to get the job, now or in the future when you are ready.

I’d look closely at the secondary or ‘desired’ skills and competencies. Can you offer something in those areas? If not, now is the time to try and learn one or two of them.

Oh, four out of five social media roles also find video editing and design skills important? Now is the time to start dabbling in those areas.

I’d also, cut and paste the job description into a separate document, as they’ll take down the link and you won’t be able to reference it further.

These jobs may not be the ones you ultimately apply for, but they will give you a great insight into what will be wanted and needed when the time comes around that you are looking to join the workforce full-time.

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