Since I’m all about taking action. It’s time to launch!


This is a picture of my office cubicle on November 4, 2005.

Exactly nine year’s ago I was fairly aimless. I’d recently been promoted from full-time Mailroom Assistant at this Melbourne Law Firm, to the accounts department, where my duties and responsibility included controlling the discounted movie tickets available to staff, and making sure the Petty Cash balanced each month.

I’ve done a lot since then to develop personally and professionally, with key turning points including starting my ‘One Man Weave‘ blog in 2006, heading back to University in 2009, and starting my own business in 2013.

I’ve learned some valuable lessons that have had a truly positive impact on my life, which I like to think now is completely unrecognisable from the path I was headed when this picture was taken.

For the passed six months I’ve been working on a new website, putting into words the different lessons and stories from my journey.

After noticing the date of this photo just last week, today seemed like the perfect day to introduce you all to my new site ‘Positive Impact’ found here at

I wouldn’t be where I am today without taking action on hundreds of small things since 2005 that at the time seemed insignificant, but have compounded to create the life I never expected possible at that time.

I hope something you find on the site, now, or as more content is added, is helpful and even sparks you into action.

PS: It’s only just dawned on me that being Melbourne Cup Day today too, it’s also an anniversary of a couple of obstacles and challenges I’ve faced and overcome during my ‘do-over’, most notably Melbourne Cup Day 2010 which was literally the first day of my short-lived time working on the Gold Coast. Funny how things work sometimes…

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