Lights, Camera, MobsCave, Action!

Have you ever simultaneously been (literally) in your comfort zone, and also waaaaayyy out of it? That was my experience for the first episode of ‘Hook Shot’ Hook Media’s sports and social media show filmed in my mancave! (The MobsCave).

It’s a great opportunity to give value to others. Hopefully entertain, and educate, motivate, and inspire. What we live to do at Hook Media.

Personally, it’s definitely helping to expand my comfort zone. I know how lucky I am to be able to do this as part of my ‘job’, and I don’t take the opportunity for granted.

It’s (I’m) a definitely a work in progress, but some great work done by the team to make it look awesome! We’ve now filmed three episodes, and released two.

Watch the first two below.
Welcome to the very first episode of ‘Hook Shot’, Hook Media’s social media and sports web-series! Each episode will aim to entertain and educate, drawing on recent and topical ‘social media in sports’ examples, and highlighting the successes and challenges faced by those in the sporting arena when communicating online.

Visit our Facebook page or the show-notes page to watch the video and find out more about the topics discussed:

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 3.26.43 pm newsletter ep2

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