Social media session sparks SEDA student

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In 2014, Ryan had the opportunity to present on ‘social media awareness and opportunity’ to the SEDA* Burwood basketball class.

18 months later, we ran into one of the students from that class who confided that it was that session that helped motivate himself and a fellow-classmate to start a social media entrepreneurial venture that has now grown into a ‘serious’ business.

18-year-old Jamie Hamilton is one part of ‘Serious Basketball’ an online business that has grown a community of close to 16,000 Instagram followers.

Jamie is now about to start his Diploma in Marketing at RMIT, and truly embodies the ‘Hook Media’ lessons of #ThinkBeforeYouPost, share positive, valuable content and ‘shine online’ across his online identity.

“After you came and spoke to us, I realised that social media is only getting bigger, and every industry, sports, food, anything, they need social media because that’s how they reach everyone.” Watch the full interview below.

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