5 actionable tips for athletes online

This post originally appeared here on the official website of the Big V Basketball League under ‘Social Media Scouting Report – A new book for athletes’

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” – Warren Buffett

Impressions and judgments are being formed every day around what you say on social media, which is something we’ve worked hard on as a league to communicate over recent seasons.

‘Social Media Scouting Report: Helping Athletes To Shine Online’, is a brand new book from social media educator, Ryan Mobilia, one we think is a valuable resource.

The book helps guide athletes to think about the consequences, and become aware of the impact their actions online are having, and explore the opportunities to build a strong online reputation, while drawing on examples from athletes of both positive and negative uses of social media.

“Ryan has offered valuable guidance and education to the Big V on social media issues and opportunities during my time at the league, said CEO Julie Anderson.

“The lessons he teaches, now captured in his new book, around building a strong online reputation, thinking before you post, and using social media in a positive way, are important lessons not only for athletes, but all involved in the league.”

The book is available in both printed paperback, and digital e-book versions, and can be purchased at the links below:

$11.99 – E-Book version via Amazon.com.au (Including interactive preview)

$25.00 – Printed Paperback version via PayPal (Including FREE postage)

Author Ryan Mobilia shares below the five common issues he sees with athletes on social media, as well as five questions for athletes to consider when looking to build a better online reputation.

Learn more at: www.socialmediascoutingreport.com

Five common issues

·      A lack of awareness (that what is posted online, can have consequences in the real-world)

·      Underestimating their audience (forgetting that more than their close friends can see what they say, do and share)

·      Not thinking before they post (once something is out there online, where it ends up is out of their control)

·      Posting when overly emotional (emotions run high in sports, better to cool off, and re-think that spur of the moment comment)

·      Hiding the good stuff (don’t forget to share the journey of your team, the ups and downs, people find stories engaging)


Five actionable tips

·      If social media is the first impression I’m making on someone, how do I look? (Do an audit of your accounts to make sure you ‘look your best’)

·      What am I telling people with my profile picture and bio? (Do I look like someone that clubs, leagues, sponsors would be proud to be associated with?)

·      What do I want to be known for? (Share content related to those topics)

·      Who do I look up to? (Learn from those that inspire you, follow their lead and show others the way)

·      Who can I lift up today? (Lead the way showing thanks and appreciation to teammates, supporters, sponsors, staff and those who have helped you along the way)

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