Feedback all the way from Scotland

Below is a message I received from professional Scottish soccer coach, Damon Neish. Damon has followed along my social media education lessons from afar, so it was extremely exciting and rewarding to receive the below feedback and recommendation after he had enjoyed my book ‘Social Media Scouting Report: Helping Athletes To Shine Online.’

I look forward to speaking via Skype to some of his young athletes in the coming months.

“The importance of social media in today’s sporting world is incredibly important yet not given the focus it needs. A persons social media profile can not only lose the player sponsorship/advertising opportunities, but it can outright be the difference between receiving an opportunity and not.

“I have had reports from international managers detailing why players have been excluded from squads because of content, and I myself have been reprimanded because of social media.

“Ryan is incredibly knowledgeable and detailed in his publication and personal appearances. I would highly recommend giving all people who are, or want to be involved in professional sports the information Ryan provides to best utilize social media. It will not only help people avoid pitfalls, but how to use it for maximum gains for people.”

Damon Neish

Professional Scottish Youth Academy Coach / Scottish Woman’s Premier League Manager 

Forfar Farmington v Stirling Uni in the SWPL - © David Young - - email:
Forfar Farmington v Stirling Uni in the SWPL
– © David Young – – email:


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