‘Shine Online’ and ‘Reinvent your career’

Looking to ‘reinvent your career’? Be sure to visit the ‘2016 Reinvent Your Career Expo – The Careers Event for Adults’ this weekend at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre.

Cover all the bases of a successful transition by attending my seminar:

‘Shine Online: Use social media to build a positive online reputation and identity’ on either Saturday (2:00PM) or Sunday (10:30AM) at the Expo!

“Learn the importance of your online identity and the positive impact that taking the time to craft one that showcases the best of you on social media can have on your employment opportunities.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 1.12.26 pm

Having personally ‘reinvented’ my career to follow my passions over the last decade, this event holds special meaning to me as one that can help kick-start you towards the career of your dreams, and I’m thrilled to be speaking on both days.

I’ll be offering my ‘Online Identity Health Check’ reports at a special rate of just $29.00 for attendees at the event, and would love to see you there, answer your questions, and help you to ‘shine online’!

Be sure to follow and connect with me across social media to keep in touch, @RyanMobilia or email me directly at ryan@ryanmobilia.com.

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