Introducing ‘Valuable Impact’!

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Wow, is it really July? Time has flown since you last heard from me on email, but it feels great to be back!

Last time I signed off with a goodbye to my time at Hook Media and since then I’ve been busy sharing the ‘Shine Online’ message and the lessons of my book, building relationships and practicing what I preach. 

I’ve also been busy working away at formalising my new venture, which I’m proud to introduce to you today, ‘Valuable Impact’.

So what is it all about? Simple.

I teach individuals and organisations how to communicate their value, and make a positive impact.

How do I do that? Just like I always have. 

Through the delivery of social (media) communications education to athletes, sporting organisations, students and educational institutions.

Check out my website for more information about my services, plus free resources and advice to help you tell your story, build your profile, and make a positive impact!

Until next time,


PS: If you’ve forgotten how you arrived on this email list, you may have joined me from ‘Hook Media’, ‘Social Media Scouting Report’, or more recently ‘’. 

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