A, B and Four ‘C-Words’ to Success!

96 hours of teaching ‘Social Media Strategy and Tactics’ at Deakin University concluded this week. It was such a thrill to see the evolution of the students’ confidence and inquisitiveness throughout our 12 weeks together – taking on challenges, learning by doing, and getting out of their comfort zones.

I attempted to summarise a practical and memorable piece of advice for the budding social media community managers and practitioners, a valuable takeaway as we concluded our face-to-face session. The only constant in social media is change, but remembering this will keep you on track:

A. Always

B. Be

C. Curating, Capturing, Creating and Caring!

I break down the importance of each in this video:

Shout-out to one of my students Saania, who clearly ‘gets it’, and captured my bad hand-writing, created an engaging post, and showed she cared about the message, and my advice, by sharing with her community.


And here’s a bonus ‘C-word’! Connecting. If you think someone could benefit from these messages and lessons, send this to them! 🙂

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