Helping Students to Shine Online

Through educational programs, workshops and resources, I teach students the importance of building, and maintaining a positive online reputation and identity.

I’m passionate about teaching students how to ‘shine online’ by communicating their value, and crafting their ideal online identity.

I do that by helping students to build awareness of the impact of their online behaviour, take positive action, and gain an advantage among their peers.


  • Social Media Awareness
  • Online Reputation
  • Building a Profile
  • Employment Preparation
  • Communicating Online


Open and download my ‘Online Reputation and Identity’ education for the schools and students PDF overview of services, information, costings, testimonials and further information here:

DOWNLOAD PDF: ‘Helping Students To Shine Online’: Using Social Media to build a positive online reputation and identity.

You can also read testimonials of happy clients here.

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