Aussie female athletes… It’s time to shine online!

Have you ever noticed people updating their Facebook profile picture the day or two before their birthday? If you haven’t noticed, keep it in mind. Did they just coincidently stumble across a photo of themselves looking their best just before the ‘biggest day of the year’ on their timeline? Nope. They are preparing for the spotlight that is about to shine brightly on them, and ensuring they are putting their best foot forward…

Like getting a haircut before a job interview, or a spray-tan before your wedding day… They’re preparing to look and feel their best before the attention, judgements, first impressions and general gawkers come their way.

For the many female athletes riding the exciting wave of increased exposure and opportunity to play the sport they love professionally, that same attention is coming…

From the Women’s Big Bash, to the Women’s AFL, and newly formed National Netball League, stars on the field and court are about to be thrust into the spotlight, which is exciting on many levels.

It’s exciting because for some, it’s the first time they have lived their dream of playing professionally, and making a living from their sport.

It’s exciting because scores of young girls looking to take their athletic pursuits as far as they can, now have a goal to aim for, and play in, on our shores.

Finally, it’s exciting because the athletes about to start playing in these new franchises, teams, reconfigured leagues and sports, have an opportunity to build a positive reputation, showcasing their character and values. It’s an opportunity to become inspiring and motivating role-models, ambassadors, partners and athletes to a massive audience who are beginning to learn about them as their new ventures unfold.

Where does that relationship with that new audience begin? Well, it might be on TV, in a newspaper or online story, a billboard or from the crowd…. That’s where it starts, but where will it blossom?


As I explain below the opportunities available to the Aussie female athletes to ‘shine online’ are enormous and extremely valuable to the athlete and their community of fans.

I wrote recently about the positive impact that the Netball Australia and Samsung social media campaign ‘RethinkRoleModels’ could have, but there are plenty of other athletes already doing a great job in representing themselves and their values in an engaging, inspiring, motivating and educating way, including;

AFL Footballer Steph Chiocci:

Cricketer (and soccer star) Ellyse Perry:

Netballer Paige Hadley:

AFL Footballer Daisy Pearce:

To get some ideas of what is possible, here is my substantial collection of ‘positive social media post examples from athletes’ for more inspiration and ideas:

Know a female athlete that ‘shines online’? I’d love to explore her content to share to others!


Ryan is the author of ‘Social Media Scouting Report; Helping Athletes to Shine Online.’ He works with current and aspiring athletes to help them tell their story, build their profile and make a positive impact.

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