Values first. Then plan and share.

I had the great opportunity to sit with a group of successful sports association and organisation managers, CEOs, presidents and employees last week, to offer some insights into enhancing the image of their largely grassroots, community based clubs.

It was unsurprising to hear that every attendee wore multiple hats in their organisation, and most in the room had ‘maintain social media or online presence’ for their workplace on their very long list of to-dos.

It’s easy to see how being strategic about their online communications falls to the way-side, as it clearly had with zero attendees admitting they had any sort of plan around their social media posting and content.

The hurdle most seemed to be coming up against was a lack of focus on what exactly they wanted to be known for, and then how to simply share that to their current and prospective members, athletes, partners and sponsors.

To offer some guidance, I put together this short video that offers a straight-forward solution.

It follows these steps;

VALUES Decide what you want to be known for. What makes you special. What sets you apart.

PLAN – Decide when and where you want to share on social media about the above values, once a month on Facebook, every Wednesday on Instagram… whenever it is, consistency is key.

SHARE – Create and share the content. It’s no good living values internally, but never letting the online world know what you stand for. You are doing more amazing things than you realise. Don’t hide the good stuff!

Watch this video, then check out my free White-Paper below by clicking on the image, which was created specifically for Australian SportsOrganisations that goes a little deeper.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 12.29.11 pm

As always, reach out to my via email with any questions.

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