Athlete Online Identity Health-Checks

Is your online reputation helping or hurting your athletic aspirations and opportunities?

“We have used and recommended athletes to Ryan before and he has a great way of helping athletes determine their own story to ensure they are representing their own identity and values in their social media presence. Authenticity is key, and it starts with knowing who you are!”

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 5.04.12 pmGreg Mumm, Managing Director, The Final Whistle.



First impressions count, and your online identity is often where the first introduction and impression of you is formed.

When someone is looking to learn about you, what they find on your social media platforms counts heavily towards their evaluation of your character and values.

In such a competitive landscape, a positive online reputation could be the difference between gaining and losing opportunities.


Based on our five key recognised elements of a healthy online identity, we will identify and assess your strengths and challenges in each;

  • Presentation
  • Communication
  • Content
  • Discoverability
  • Privacy

We’ll also uncover your greatest frustrations and ambitions, to identify where there are great opportunities and room for improvement!

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 5.10.29 pm


You can be confident that when someone in a position to offer (or deny) you an opportunity searches your name on social media, you are representing yourself in the best possible light!


  • On purchasing the ‘Health Check’ you will be sent a Google survey form to complete online
  • Your responses guide the research into your online presence, which are then analysed
  • Following analysis your personalised report is compiled and returned to you


  • A personalised full report of our findings including comments, recommendations and action steps
  • Identification of additional opportunities to grow your healthy online identity
  • Clarity on what is helping, and what is hurting the health of your online identity

When the spotlight of attention hits, be proud and excited for the interest, confident you’re ready to shine online!


“The feedback from Ryan’s report was great, and I’ve already started to make some adjustments to how I’m using my profiles to tell the #TrevToTokyo story. The suggested posting plan was also helpful in drawing out ideas about what to share and what platforms to focus on.”
Trevor Hirth
Trevor Hirth, @trevtotokyo
Australian Para Table Tennis Champion

“Thanks Ryan, your advice is great. Your tips and advice were honest, constructive and straight forward. It is great to know I’m on the right track but that I can be more effective with my time and profile. As a busy Mum, small business owner, studying and fulltime athlete in two sports. Managing social media and all that comes with it can be overwhelming and hard to manage. Your advice has helped me create a plan to become more efficient and purposeful with my time in this area and manage the load.”
Shantelle Thompson
Shantelle Thompson, @barkindjiwarrior
2 x Jiu Jitsu World Champion, Oceania Wrestling Champion
2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Ambassador 

“A massive thanks goes out to Ryan for his assistance with the Athlete Online Identity Health check, it’s definitely helped! Some really great information to digest and put into action, particularly around making the most of my time. I’d highly recommend this to anyone needing guidance and direction to their approach to social media and content management.
Glenn Paul
Glenn Paul, @glennpaulgolf
Australian PGA Golfer



Contact me to book your health-check now.

I look forward to working with you and getting your online identity to healthy, positive and effective!

Ryan Mobilia

Author | Educator | Social Communications Expert
Phone: 0412 058 927

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