Why I think Instagram first

When deciding what type of social communications content I’ll create and share with my community, I have begun to think ‘Instagram’ first.

Even if the post is for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook… any other platform.

Going through the process of imagining it on Instagram forces me to consider an engaging image, or short video, that tells a great story through visual first, then caption, then other elements such as tags, hashtags, links…

Creating for Instagram first, makes adapting that content to other platforms, either directly or in a modified version, so much easier.

It also ensures you are always leading with telling the story with visuals, as well ‘showing’ the most important information, as early as possible to engage your community.

Sure, it’s a good exercise to try and get your key message across, clearly and succinctly in 140 characters of a tweet, but the same can be said about the all important first couple of lines of an Instagram caption, before users have to  click to expand and read more.

The video below sums up the above, and I would love to hear your thoughts on the most important thing you consider when planning or posting a piece of social content?

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