In 2005 I was a University graduate, working full-time as a mail room assistant, the overwhelming urge to break free from the path I was on became unbearable, and began to manifest itself into actions that ultimately began what I termed, my ‘do-over’, or second chance at the creative life I knew I wanted.

My journey over the next decade has led me on a path of discovering that if you love it, you can do it. I learned the skills, the knowledge, the expertise and confidence, to realign my life, both professionally and personally with my passions and my authentic self.

Now, I’m building a business, and a mancave – and this site, to help you on the path to a life that makes you happy.

Here at ‘’ you’ll find insights, guidance, old fashioned motivation and enthusiasm about helping you through the challenges (many of which I have faced) that breaking from your current path can throw at you.

You’ll also find information about things such as my work endeavours, my mancave, collections and collectables, and my journey as a husband, father and business owner, because these things are my passion and could not be anymore intertwined with the overall theme of the site, which is to teach that the things you loved when you were 10-years-old, don’t have to be forgotten. Passions, hobbies, businesses, creativity – you define how you live your life.

I hope I can provide you something valuable, as many others did for me during my ‘do-over’.

Thank you for visiting,


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