Until recently, coaching, for me, meant the man or woman on the sidelines directing a sporting team, which is something very familiar to me as I was a junior basketball coach for close to 15 years.

Now, coaching has taken on another meaning, more closely aligned to the word ‘mentor’, and has become a central part of my life, albeit informally.

Things changed when I began to realise that I had experienced something during my ‘do-over’, (the journey centered around my second time around at university, and building towards a life that lights me up), that could be very valuable to others, going through similar situations to the ones I had encountered.

It started with a relatively simple post on a friend and former-university lecturer of mine’s student website, about ‘grasping every opportunity as a student‘, it resonated with his audience and lit a fire under me.

My focus sharpened further when I spoke to current students and others with similar stories to mine, including my youngest sister, that were in need of a plan or direction to help reach their goals, and the opportunity to coach / mentor in this area, to help avoid some of the issues and challenges I’ve faced, made perfect sense.

At my former-company Hook Media, we taught clients to offer value to their customers and audiences, solving their problems in an engaging and entertaining way. This is something that is central to the RyanMobilia.com site and mission.

As I found over and over again on my journey, sometimes a simple blog post, or link to an inspirational article, can become pivotal in your motivation or mindset, to push you to where you dream of.

So I’m posting my thoughts, my lessons learned, my challenges and obstacles, here for you, in the hope that something resonates and provides value, and guidance.

If you would like to get in contact for coaching advice, a simple brainstorming session, or to talk mancaves, you can reach me via the contact form on this site, or on twitter at @RyanMobilia.

You’ll find tips and inspirations on this site, but follow along here too, where I have visually laid out the ever-growing library of quotes that coach and inspire me everyday: http://www.pinterest.com/ryanmobilia/quotes-for-life/

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