From a young age, I collected things. My dad did, and his dad did. But that’s not to say I was any different from all of the children I went to school with. Everyone I knew collected things, from dolls, to footy cards, to basketball cards, stickers, magazines, posters, and [insert latest seasonal craze].

Didn’t you?

What I collected meant a lot to me then, although some things were a little random (see: the prize ‘New Millennium’ can of my ‘Lynx Deodorant’ collection phase), I and couldn’t wait to take every opportunity to display them in my bedroom, on my school diary, on the school backpack, then on my first car, in the first apartment, in my first house, and finally in my current mancave.

I didn’t want to hide my passions, suppress what lit me up and made me creative.

What I collected means a hell of a lot more to me now. Now, the collections and other updates you’ll find on this site are symbolic for me, and should be for you, in that they represent something of my authentic self, that I was never afraid to hide.

My collections are reminders to be true to myself, to seek out and enjoy what lights me up, and to show you that dream job, hobby, or way of life you envisioned before you started down your current path, is still inside you and waiting to be released.

Who knows, perhaps something I post will shake loose a nostalgic memory for you, that leads to action or happiness? I hope so.

Thank you for visiting,


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