I’m writing a book!

I wish I’d been writing here more than I have of late. One of the reasons that I’ve spent less time writing here is that I’ve been planning a very exciting writing project at work, that has taken a lot of my focus!

Coming soon, the Hook Media book, written by me titled “Social Media Scouting Report: Helping Aussie Athletes to Shine Online”. Check out the book’s home page on our website, and register your interest to be notified as soon as it’s ready to be enjoyed! Follow this link directly: http://www.hookmedia.com.au/book/

As has been the goal of this site, the book is also about sharing my knowledge, and helping people (in this case, athletes, coaches, parents, and more!) to take advantage of the opportunities out there to make a positive impact.

The complete structure and contents of the book are still be finalised, however the main theme and tagline of the book is this:

Are your actions and behaviour on social media holding you back from opportunities? What’s on your ‘Social Media Scouting Report’?

This book, written specifically for Australian athletes, walks you through the steps needed to utilise social media to set yourself apart from the competition, and positively shine online. social-media-scouting-report-interest-image   I will try to share more of this exciting journey here on this site, so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading,


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