A successful trip to Adelaide!

The weekend saw me embark on a whirl-wind trip to South Australia, spending 10 hours in Adelaide, including presenting my seminar ‘Shine Online: Use social media to build a positive online reputation and identity’ at the Adelaide Careers and Employment Expo.

As with the VCE expo a few weeks ago, I really enjoyed the day, and yet again, learned some really valuable things, and gleaned some great insights from the stall holders at the event. Yes, it was great to interact and speak with the attendees from the general public during and after my session, but the real appeal was hearing the first-hand stories of social media opening and closing doors for individuals trying to gain employment in certain areas.

Many stall-holders were in what they termed the ‘people services’ businesses, where employees had direct contact with customers, sometimes very intimately, and the importance of their character and values showing through on their online presence was vital.

I’m looking to create some content soon around what I learned to help my audience here, so keep an eye-out!

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 4.15.40 pm.png

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