‘Beyond Social Workshop’ for Dietitians

I had a dual role at the 33rd Dietitians Association of Australia’ National Conference at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre this week, as a representative of Deakin University, and as a member of the DAA ‘Social Media Advisory Committee’ (or SMAC).


I spoke to approximately 100 Dietitians as part of our ‘Beyond Social Workshop’, giving an overview of best practice on the main social media platforms used in their industry. It’s always interesting to see which platforms are used in different industries. With APDs it was largely Twitter and Pinterest, where as most businesses, or individuals I usually talk to are not using those two much if at all.

The other part of the two days was to mentor and guide, along with Ross Monaghan, Deakin University Media and Communications students, helping them capture content for social media and video, including interviewing Dietitians and covering the event in general. That was really fun too.



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