How I add captions to my videos with ease

Without captions, a video piece to camera (like most of my videos) will play in the newsfeed of Facebook, or Instagram, without sound, and won’t be engaging enough to draw people scrolling through their feeds to click ‘play’ and engage the audio.

There is no big secret to ‘captioning’ your videos. I feel like if more people knew about the service I use, they would use it. So this is it…

$1.00 per one minute of content. Files returned within hours.

Is it worth the investment if it will have people watching more of the videos you have put your valuable time and resources into? Of course!

I mean, why not. It’s the Uber of captioning and transcription services… I guess.

Give it a try.*


* I do not receive any sort of incentive from Rev to share this. I just wish more videos had captions, so I can be sure that certain members of your online community feel the same.

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